The 4th of July is the anniversary of the publication of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776.  Patriotic events are organized throughout the United States.

However, the month of July is so much more than just the July 4th holiday. It actually becomes a form of independence and joy for our Senior communities by opening up a Summer of special fun.

Just sitting out on the veranda or under the gazebo in the early evening, listening to the birds gently chirping and feeling the heat of the day dissipate is an invigorating feeling stirring up memories of youth. During this time frozen cocktails and bountiful barbeques become the standard afternoon and evening fare.

Residents at senior living communities, however, find an added enjoyment to the summer months. High schools are out for summer break and many students become summer interns at the communities.  This has many benefits for both the students and the senior residents.

New friendships are created that do not have the usual constraints of the traditional grandparent / grandchild relationship.  As Nicole Sutton, administrator for Williamsburg Landing Senior Living Community puts it, “This mingling of young and old is like a walk through the fountain of youth for our senior residents. And that is a wonderful sight to behold.”

For the senior residents, there are new, young faces with whom to share their lives’ wisdoms and stories. The students in return receive non-judgmental, eager ears listening to the younger generation’s tales of escapades and adventures. Both generations enjoy the relationships, independent from their own regular circles of friends and families.

As you and your family spend your time together in celebration, remember there are many types of independence, and all worthy of honoring.